Top 5 Life Insurance Companies In Hong Kong

Top 5 Life Insurance Companies In Hong KongFor a long time, the concept of life insurance has been an avoided theme since people consider death as a taboo subject. However, society now understands that the most crucial essence of life insurance is to ensure a security plan for your family in case of death or incapacitation of the breadwinner.

Since the future is uncertain, laying down a well-chosen contingency plan can prevent or minimize risk. Life insurance companies use an analysis of the relevant risks and design life insurance policies that suit their clients best. Hong Kong’s insurance industry is ranked as the second best in Asia after Japan.

Below is a list of the top five best insurance companies in Hong Kong.

Pacific Life Insurance company is one of the best insurance companies in Hong Kong. They have a broad customer base since they offer a full time worldwide emergency assistance service. The life insurance products offered by this provider are legitimate. Pacific life insurance provides Easy Term Refundable Series which refund up to 100% of the premiums paid. Contracts under this insurance provider are usually customer friendly. Pacific Life insurance company has a fair premium rate and there are other free benefits enjoyed by policyholders around the world.

AXA life Insurance company is yet another recommendable insurance company in Hong Kong. It is unique to other insurance providers in that it offers protection up to one hundred years of age. AXA has earned a great reputation through its guaranteed cash value regardless of the market performance. Applying to the services offered by the aforementioned insurance companies can be easily done online. Both AXA and Pacific insurance companies have stabilized their online accessibility for easy subscription by their customers.

AIA Life Insurance is known for its friendly credit services. AIA offers a guaranteed crediting rate of 2.25% per year. The best part about AIA is that you have the freedom to decide the amount of premium and payment term subject to terms and conditions of the policy.

Prudential Hong Kong life insurance offers the whole life assurance. The minimum sum assured for this policy is usually a minimum of 20000 dollars.

Generali Insurance Hong Kong is the fifth best insurance provider. It offers protection up to age 80 and premiums are fixed and it guarantees renewal during the policy term. To access these services, the bank would be a good place to consult for professional financial advice on which products are best for your financial profile.

Subscribe to a Life Insurance contingency plan in Hong Kong on favorable terms to avoid an occurrence of unwanted risks in the future. It is as simple as locating their websites online and choosing a plan.