Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in Hong Kong

Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in Hong KongHong Kong has a considerable number of health insurance companies geared towards providing services to both domestic and international customers. Their services are essentials for the well-being of the country’s citizens as well as those from other countries subscribing to these companies.

Bupa Health Insurance Company

It began back in 1950’s and by 1955, its membership had risen to over 200,000 customers. the company’s aim is to support, offer reliable advice and treatment to its members. The Bupa Health Insurance operates over 190 countries and customer follower beyond 22 million. It prides itself with securing the 2011 and 2012 Awards for excellence in insurance management making it one of the best to join ( One can easily join the company by typing and filling the necessary details.

Now Health Insurance Company

The company has taken great strides in providing excellent services to both nationals and international customers. It is one of the best company since its services can be accessed online from its members making it have a large following. It has various centres in Shanghai, Dubai, and the UK. They offer services such as access to better heath care to its members irrespective of the country they are in. One can easily join the company by filling an online application form. they have won some outstanding awards such as the Mena Insurance Awards 2016.

Zurich Health Insurance Company

It was established back in 1961 to offer individual as well as insurance services. It covers motor, medical among other services. The company is regarded as one of the leading insurance providers in the country. Since its inception, high ranks have been on its side after being the fourth largest Global Property as well as Casualty Insurance company. Moreover, in Europe, it was ranked 7th best in terms of Life Insurance. This recognition has made it get as many customers as possible offering their services to over 170 countries.

Globality Health Insurance Company

It is an International Health Insurance company covering the expatriates. Deals with those individual living abroad working or even studying. Their services include providing good health care. The company has operated for several years and has an experience of more than 80 years giving their services. Their services include health insurance, life insurance among many others (

Generali Health Insurance Company

The company was first licensed back in 1981 to provide both Life and Non-life insurance to its customers. They offer services such as health insurance, Life, domestic helper among other insurance covers. The company has expanded its services to over 120 countries worldwide which show that it has a higher follower. Its services can be accessed in various parts of the world including Spain. It is regarded as one of the best Health insurance companies in Hong Kong.