How to find the right car insurance in Hong Kong

How to find the right car insurance in Hong KongHong Kong has one the most competitive insurance markets in the world, dating back from the colonial period by the British government, hence its structure is of the western standards.

This has attracted many international companies all over the world to witness the transformation of this magnificent city, among these, are ACE Insurance Limited, Limited International Insurance, American International Assurance Company, Limited, just to name a few.

Insurers offer a wide range of car insurance to their clients, these include:

Third party insurance protection

The basic requirement under the licensing board of Hong Kong, to cover third parties from injury or death. However, most car insurance companies in Hang Kong do not only cover you and the third party, but they also cover the damage caused to the third party.

Comprehensive coverage

There is more coverage associated with this type of plan, car insurance in Hang Kong includes the Third Party protection to cover you train injury and the third party in the event of an accident. But extend the coverage to cover you from damage to, and theft of, your own vehicle.

Luxury and High-End Car Insurance

Hong Kong is known for its enormous wealth, Car insurance companies are not left alone too to meet the demand of an extension from normal car insurance. The plan is technically designed to protect owners of high-end vehicles from risks associated with them. which include no depreciation in total loss events. Getting car insurance in Hong Kong is very easy, it only depends on what you want. There is stiff competition arising from too many Car insurance companies targeting a larger population of the city.

But only the best car insurance companies stand out, among these are:

  • ACE Insurance Limited
  • Limited International Insurance
  • American International Assurance Company
  • Zurich Insurance company
  • AXA China
  • Region Insurance Company Limited and
  • Tugu Insurance Company Limited

Car insurance is one of the most critical parts in insurance, in Hong Kong, there are many car insurance companies and diverse car insurance policies. Choosing the best option then is the most important thing you have to do before you take your next step.

You should mainly focus on the following:


As humans, we tend to go for things that are cheap, but we should also put in mind that cheaply is expensive. In Hong Kong car insurance, Third party protection is cheap but it will cost you a lot in the event of a loss since it does not have extensive coverage to your car and the property of the third party. Comprehensive is the solution.

Handy Benefits

Some of the car insurance in Hong Kong carry extra benefits like roadside assistance, medical services. They are important in such they are free after you choose these plans.

Use Kwiksure

Car insurance in Hong Kong has digitised instead of searching for brokers manually you just click on the website and there you will find experienced car insurance brokers from the comfort of your home.