Commercial insurance firms in Hong Kong

Commercial insurance firms in Hong KongDeciding on what commercial insurance firm to go with is not always an easy decision. Picking the firm that best fits your needs, should be a well thought out resolution.

There are however a few things to look out for they include:

  1. The best policy for your business is that which is tailor-made to fit your business best
  2. Consider the firm’s experience in the industry, this is best shown by how long they have been in operation
  3. Ensure that the firm you choose has a good claims payment reputation
  4. Look for firms that offer loss prevention services for better coverage
  5. The firm you choose should have clear terms and conditions

Keeping these characteristics in mind, let us look at the best commercial insurance firms in Hong Kong.

Chubb Life Insurance Company Ltd

Chubb Insurance Company is the world’s largest traded casualty and property insurer. The company has offices in 54 countries and was founded in 1882. It is a publicly owned company with its headquarters in Zurich Switzerland.

Why the firm is considered one of the best

The firm was founded in 1882; this shows that it is well experienced to offer great services. The firm offers a variety of policies that are well tailored to meet the needs of the customers The firms has a history of offering quality services and facilities to their customers. The company has a good reputation of paying claims.

How to apply for their services

To become a member you can either download their application forms from the internet or visit one of the brokers who will help you through the process.

CCW Global Hong Kong

This company was founded in May 2012 in Hong Kong. It was originally called Cooper Claridge-Ware. The aim of its two founders was to provide higher quality and flexible policies to individuals, other firms and families. It operates in Asia Pacific Region.

Why the firm is among the best insurers

The company provides customised policies for its target audience. The firm has straightforward terms and conditions and the policies are competitively priced. Their claims payment is direct without many complications.

How to become a member

You can become a member of CCW Global Hong Kong by forwarding a correctly filled application to their offices. This application forms can also be downloaded from the internet.

Llyod’s Hong Kong

This is a London based specialist insurance market that was founded in 1686 with its headquarters in London. For the last 325 years, Llyod’s has become the world’s best specialist insurance provider.

Why it is among the best insurers

The firm has a long history of being in operation; this indicates its experience in the field that attracts a lot of customers. The firm has customised their policies for all sort of customers and in so doing they attract different kinds of clients. Their policies are priced close to their competitors or cheaper, this makes them more attractive to potential customers.

How to apply

The firm offers different ways of applying to become a member, these are, applying by mail, applying on the phone or in person.

Deciding on the right commercial insurer that best suits you inner easy, there are however qualities to look out for The above firms offer the some of the best policies commercial insurance policies in Hong Kong.